Daniel Rozenberg | What am I doing now?

Last updated: September 7th, 2019

This summer I spent a lot of time outside of NYC. I went to Berlin to give a talk at the local AMP Roadshow in June. I made two rookie mistakes in this trip: the first being landing at 7 am on the same day that I had 9 am meetings (I was exhausted), the second was to have a 5 am flight back to New York on a Sunday (I couldn't stay out late on Saturday night). Lessons learned I guess.

Next I went to London to avoid World Pride in NYC, it was really a great decision on my part, watching all the Instagram Stories and seeing how crazy busy the city was for pride gave me second-hand anxiety. London was lovely as usual, I feel very comfortable there and am always surrounded by wonderful people!

Spent a week in California for work and stayed the weekend to go hiking in Del Valle park with Alex. The Following weekend I went to Montréal for pride with friends from Vancouver. We rented a giant house on Airbnb that we are 100% certain was used to film gay porn. The check-in experience and the decayed state of the house reminded me why I try to avoid Airbnb whenever possible. We struggled operating the electronic lock to get into the apartment at first, the bathroom door wouldn't close all the way, the freezer leaked water, there was a wasp's nest on the rooftop… and the owner lives in another country so it was impossible to get in touch to complain. Going forward I'll do my best to avoid Airbnb and prefer hotels even more.

Lastly I spent Labor Day weekend in the Hamptons with David and Brennan. I did nothing but go to the beach, read books, and eat like a pig. Oh, also took a bunch of thirsty pics on the beach, as one does.

I didn't end up going on that solo camping trip that I was planning in Vermont. I realized that I cared much more about spending time with people than about going camping. Still hoping to get friends to start going camping here with me!

I created my second Firefox extension to justify text in websites. It's not for everyone, but if you find justified text easier and know a tiny bit about HTML/CSS give it a try!

I picked up glassblowing again, we finally started doing colours so that's cool! I also took a two-sessions course in knife making and made a vegetable knife (my friends Omer and Jay made a hunting knife, and a “Lord of the Rings” style decorative knife, respectively). I enjoyed doing metal work, and might try this studio again.

I nominated myself for a promotion at work. I doubt I'll get it, but I'm hoping to get good actionable feedback so that I can work through it and get a promotion in six months.


  • Going to Tel Aviv and Istanbul for more AMP Roadshows and staying a bit longer in Tel Aviv for Rosh Hashana with my family
  • Still shopping around for tattoo artists for my next two tattoos
  • More long-term travel: Houston and Austin in October; One of the ABC Islands in winter; London again for Christmas