This is a backup of my academic web page, unfortunately purged on December 2016. Content will likely go out of date fast. Enjoy!

Daniel Rozenberg

About me

I'm an M.Sc. graduate in computer science from the University of British Columbia. My research focus during my time in the department was in research is software engineering, with an emphasis on software visualizations. My supervisor was Ivan Beschastnikh. Similar to my supervisor, I was affiliated with two labs in the department—SPL and NSS. My research focus tended to drag me towards works performed in SPL.

In a past life I was a project manager and a software engineer in web and mobile app development.

I was the appointed UDLS Czar for 2014–2015.

My academic email address is, but other ways of getting in touch with me are listed in my personal website.

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Research projects


[Illustration of RepoGrams]

RepoGrams is a web-tool that allows users to analyze and compare the history of multiple software projects. It computes and visualizes a variety of metrics over time, such as the number of programming languages used in a project over time or how often developers change code across different modules (directories).


[Example of Vebugger at work]

Vebugger is an IDE plugin for Eclipse that displays object state visually. It visualizes object types using a set of extensible templates. These templates are written in HTML and CSS, and they are matched to Java types by inspecting the type hierarchy.

Personal life

I'm an avid world traveller, mostly enjoying the urban life but don't shy away from the occasional hike. I have a healthy obsession with video games, board games, and sci-fi shows and movies. I'm on every imaginable social network.

My personal website lists more stuff that I do.